Merging strategy, technology and creativity to transform & grow your business for the digital age.

First things first: We’re not your typical digital agency. We do things a bit differently around here. At ShiftOn, we take a big picture approach to helping our clients achieve big things. We won’t just dip our toes into one aspect of your business. We dive deep into everything you do and identify the best strategies to unlock your full potential. No buzz words. No fluff. Just real results.


ABout Us

We’re a collective of free thinkers, business strategists, coffee addicts, and curious creatives, based in Motueka, New Zealand. We understand what it takes to make it in our highly-competitive, connected world. Most of all, we value people, honesty, integrity, courage and fun - the not-so-secret ingredients in our recipe for success.

Our Story


ShiftOn was founded in 2013 by New Zealand entrepreneur, Johny O’Donnell, with a clear vision: To help brave businesses grow and thrive in the digital age. Johny saw an opportunity to tip the traditional agency model on its head and put strategy, purpose and people back at the heart of business decision-making.

The result is a full-service digital agency that takes a holistic approach to business transformation. Marketing agencies do marketing. Social media agencies do social media. Consultancy firms do consulting. At ShiftOn, we do it all. But first, we step back, take a deep breath and look at the big picture. It’s only then, once the fog clears and the dust settles, that we can see the best path forward together. It’s personal, it’s bespoke, and it gets results.


ShiftOn has clients from all corners of the world, including London, Barcelona and Cologne and we’ve worked with more than 1000 New Zealand businesses through the agency and our popular digital marketing workshops. Most of our clients come to see us as a business partner (or a trusty sidekick), rather than just another external agency. Our clients almost always become our friends and it’s not uncommon for us to catch up for a beer or coffee outside of business hours.

Being based in beautiful Motueka, a small town at the top of the South Island, means we bring a fresh, grassroots approach to running a global business. The relaxed lifestyle, creative culture and love for the outdoors makes the Nelson-Tasman region the perfect place to work and play. It also means that when you work with us you’re not picking up the tab for a swanky, big city office, a downtown parking space, or excessive overheads. With ShiftOn, you’re just getting good, honest work that actually works.

Meet the Team


Johny O’Donnell

Coffee: A new convert to a long black with coconut milk.


Libby Brown
Community Manager

Coffee: Long black and cream all the way!


Dylan Galletly
Creative Director

Coffee: A dirty long black - every time.


Camille Lozano
Traffic Manager

Coffee: Single shot cappuccino with a dash of cocoa powder!