Absolute Energy

ShiftOn has been expanding the opportunities we have and expanding how we can benefit from technology.
— Paul Brockie, Absolute Energy

Meet Paul Brockie


Paul is a true veteran of the New Zealand building industry, having worked in it since leaving secondary school way back in … well, let’s just say it was a few years ago.

He founded Absolute Energy in 2000 after trying and failing to find a reliable insulation provider to retrofit his own home.

In 18 years of business, he has served more than 15,000 customers, so it’s fair to say he’s one of the country’s leading insulation experts.

Absolute Energy has grown into a successful company, but in 2017, Paul realised that the business needed a refresh.

“One of the things that led me to working with ShiftOn was that, in our office, I saw lots of photocopying, scanning and shredding. We must’ve been one of Office Products’ favourite customers,” Paul says.

“There were so many notes that the installers referred to the notes as chicken scraps. There were so many notes that they didn’t even refer to the notes. It was messy and I was keen to change that.”

His son Troy is operations manager at Absolute Energy and Paul wanted to make sure the business was in tip top shape for when he eventually hands over the reins.

ShiftOn took the time to understand Paul, his business and the direction he wanted to take it in.

Partnering with Paul, we completely revamped the Absolute Energy brand, built a new industry-leading website and assisted with rollout of a modern workforce system to digitise their operations - and say goodbye to all the paperwork.


What was the problem?


Absolute Energy was already a highly-successful, reputable company in the Nelson-Tasman region. But the website told a different story. It was outdated and did not provide a seamless, enjoyable customer experience.

Paul saw Absolute Energy as being in the business of changing lives, not simply installing insulation. However, the website and branding did not communicate this.

The business was also using a lot of paper, which was confusing and unorganised, and also conflicted with the company’s eco-friendly values.

Paul said he wanted to see less “huffing and puffing” at work and reduce “pain points” for staff by making the company’s systems simple to use and understand.

Paul was also wary of trusting someone else to transform his business for the digital age.

“I tried working with another business consultant. He was very experienced in business and had lots of great ideas, but he didn’t take the time to understand what my vision was, or where I wanted to go. That takes time, and most people don’t take that time.”

Why ShiftOn?

Paul decided to work with ShiftOn after discussing his vision at length with founder, Johny O’Donnell.

“Johny took a lot of time to get to get to know me and understand my business. We built a relationship in that time and there was a lot of trust before we started actually working together.

“Johny’s great because he’ll challenge me and ask the right questions. A lot of the business is locked in your head, but it’s just getting it and having those little penny-drop moments where you go, ‘Got it, I understand it’! He’s helped me do that.”

The ShiftOn team took a deep dive into Absolute Energy’s systems and assets and identified three key areas most in need of transformation.

They were: The Absolute Energy website, branding and positioning in the industry, and a new, digital workforce system to get rid of all the paperwork.



Absolute Energy’s digital transformation is a work in progress, but to date ShiftOn has:

Supported Absolute Energy in the rollout of a workforce system to digitalise their field paperwork and make the process easier for staff and customers.

Refreshed and modernised their brand, including the visual identity and brand positioning.

Built a new industry-leading website to enhance the customer experience and communicate their messaging more clearly.

website results: increased users 44%, new users 41% and page views 109% compared to the same period last year.

Paul says that working with ShiftOn has helped to open Absolute Energy to new opportunities and technologies.

“I’ve always been keen to have people around me that really know their stuff. It takes time to meet people that really know their stuff,” Paul says.