Black Sheep Touring

A year on, we’re still working with the same plan, which is a good sign that we’re laying good tracks.
— Kim Francis, Black Sheep Touring

Meet Kim Francis


Kim Francis is passionate about providing her customers with authentic New Zealand travel experiences.

She founded Black Sheep Touring in 1994 to offer fun, quirky, memorable experiences in the country she had fallen in love with and decided to call home.

One of the founding pillars of the company is to “delight the customer every step of the way.”

However, Kim realised that Black Sheep Touring’s online presence was not living up to that mission statement.

The website was in need of an overhaul to provide a fast, seamless, and personalised digital experience for customers, who come from all corners of the world.

Kim was introduced to ShiftOn at a social media marketing workshop in Nelson.

She promptly got in touch with Johny afterwards and the process of creating a new website and online experience began.

ShiftOn developed a new, modern website for Black Sheep Touring and also implemented a fully automated backend and customer relationship management (CRM) system, which has enabled the company to expand its team internationally and operate more efficiently.

The website is much more effective at grabbing and holding people’s attention with a significantly reduced bounce rate and more page views and time spent on site.


What was the problem?


Black Sheep Touring was already a successful company with a fantastic product offering and thousands of satisfied customers.

The company has a strong history of being an innovator in the marketplace, creating a quirky, inviting culture that makes people’s experience with the business more memorable.

However, the website was in desperate need of a refresh and Kim recognised there was much more to a website rebuild than just nice design.

She wanted to ensure the website was transformed into a more effective sales tool and provided a better customer experience.

“Our main need is time. You hire someone like Johny because, basically, you don’t have time. He’s very good at recognising the challenges that small businesses have in terms of resources and time.”

Why ShiftOn?

Kim said she “can’t tell you how many people” contact her wanting to improve her website and SEO, but she had no way of knowing who was legitimate.

It was important for her to work with a consultant she could trust - someone who would work alongside her and get to know the business.

“There are a lot of people out there and you just don’t know if the advice they’re giving is good advice, but Johny walks the talk and he digs into it and knows his stuff.

“When you find a good consultant you know it’s a really important relationship. There’s a lot of trust there.”

Kim also wanted to work with someone who would see the website as more than a digital brochure and help to develop it into a sales and marketing tool for the business, using automation to make the customer experience simple and seamless, while saving staff valuable time.

“I’ve always found Johny incredibly easy to talk to and bounce ideas off. The ideas pile is huge and he’s very perceptive in seeing what’s important to you and you can see what can be set aside.”



ShiftOn worked closely with Kim and the Black Sheep Touring team to develop a new website that captures the unique essence of the company.

Industry-leading website.

Black Sheep Touring now has a beautiful website that reflects the company’s adventurous spirit and provides a more intuitive experience for customers.

Fully automated backend.

ShiftOn implemented backend automation into the website that delivers itineraries and handles customer enquiries.

New CRM system.

ShiftOn also implemented a new CRM system which has enabled Black Sheep Touring to expand its sales team across three continents while keeping all of the communication in one place.

Saving staff time.

The website automation and CRM systems saves staff a lot of time and eliminates any double-handling of leads and enquiries.

Improved website performance.

The website bounce rate has reduced significantly while page views and time on site has increased.

In addition to the tangible results, Kim said Johny and the ShiftOn team has helped her to “climb into the helicopter” and take a good look at her business from a new perspective.

“A year on, we’re still working with the same plan, which is a good sign that we’re laying good tracks.”