Skydive Abel Tasman

The ShiftOn workshop was the catalyst for the biggest changes we have made to our marketing in the 25 years we’ve been operating.
— Stuart Bean, Skydive Abel Tasman

Meet Stuart Bean


Stuart Bean is one of New Zealand’s most experienced skydivers and CEO of the largest commercial skydiving business in the top of the South Island.

Stuart reckons Skydive Abel Tasman is one of the best places to skydive in the world.

The stunning views over three national parks, from the snow-capped peaks of Nelson Lakes to the golden beaches of Abel Tasman provide a skydiving experience like no other.

“Here you get mountains, ocean, golden beaches, three national parks and a view of both islands. There’s nowhere else in the country you can see all that from the sky.”

Stuart has been in business for more than 25 years and has helped more than 100,000 people experience the excitement of skydiving.

In 2015, he was looking to refresh the company’s online presence and breathe new life into the Skydive Abel Tasman brand.

He wanted the brand’s web presence to match the thrilling experience of skydiving.

Stuart first met Johny and the ShiftOn team when he attended an OnMarketing Workshop to learn more about the new rules of digital marketing.

In the space of nine months, ShiftOn worked with Skydive Abel Tasman to create a new website, visual identity, and an automated online booking system.

Along with social media development and Google Adwords support, these changes have resulted in a 300% increase in online bookings, 46% more website visitors, and a 41% increase in web page views.

Most importantly, the Skydive Abel Tasman brand has been refreshed for the 21st Century and is in a strong position to build on the significant progress the business has made in the past few years.


What was the problem?


Stuart knew that Skydive Abel Tasman’s online presence and digital marketing needed an overhaul, but he wasn’t sure how to go about it.

“Our online bookings and conversion rates on our website were shocking.”

As a locally owned and operated business, Stuart wanted to position Skydive Abel Tasman as the go-to skydiving experience in New Zealand, and to capture a larger chunk of the tourism market.

He had worked with agencies in the past, but wanted someone to work alongside the business, rather than from a distance.

After attending one of ShiftOn’s OnMarketing Workshops, Stuart was inspired to take action.

“It was clear that our traditional marketing strategies were not going to keep up in the modern world. We needed expertise in the digital world.”

Why ShiftOn?

It was important for Stuart to work with someone who could partner with Skydive Abel Tasman on transforming the business.

He wanted more than an external agency that delivered on a project before moving onto the next client.

Stuart said he has been able to build rapport with Johny and the ShiftOn team and received a level of support and expertise that he hasn’t had from other agencies.

“There’s a lot of trust there. Being able to sit down for lunch and chew the fat with Johny is a big advantage. I value his expertise in the online space,” Stuart said.

“Johny’s a smart guy, he’s way smarter than his years and I really value that. He looks at things through completely different eyes than me. He’s ended up being my marketing consultant, rather than just my digital person.”



ShiftOn worked closely with Skydive Abel Tasman to completely transform its online and social media presence over the course of a year.

New website and visual identity.

Skydive Abel Tasman’s refreshed online presence matches the exciting experience they offer customers every day.

Online bookings have increased by 300%.

Implementing an automated online booking system has resulted in a massive increase in online bookings.

Website visitors have increased by 46%.

The new look is attracting more visitors and converting more customers.

Website page views have increased by 41%.

Visitors to the website are sticking around longer, which is helping to increase conversions.

Website bounce rate dropped by 49%.

The new website design and visual identity helped to hold people’s attention and keep them on-site.

Three new promotional videos.

ShiftOn produce three promotional videos to kickstart Skydive Abel Tasman’s digital and social media marketing efforts.

Google Adwords campaigns.

ShiftOn ran targeted Google Adwords campaigns aimed at generating new customers.

Stuart said that working with ShiftOn has changed how he does business.

ShiftOn continues to work with Skydive Abel Tasman, which is perhaps the greatest testament to the value that Johny and the ShiftOn team have provided to date.