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“Johny is someone we trust - he stays abreast of emerging technologies, customer trends and best of all translates these and the opportunity they offer our business in a way we can understand and implement. His communication style is energising and effective - both in a one to one situation and in a group learning environment. Implementing his recommendations have benefited our business - both our bottom lines and our approach. He comes from a place of principle and integrity, is enjoyable to work with, and really knows his stuff. Highly recommend without reservation.”

—Dot and Georgia, Owners of Dove River Peonies

“I have worked with Johny on several businesses and tasks.Always very professional. Highly recommend his services. Very experienced and up to speed digital marketing skills. Straight shooter.”

— Carsten Buschkühle

“Not only did we have detailed notes but action steps to take home, and the confidence to bite into digital marketing and embrace not only techno tools but an empowered mindset to take control in our businesses and make improvements regardless of the scale.”

— Kylie Taikato-Jones

“I love Johny's style - he is warm, positive and knowledgable. He makes the seemingly insurmountable, (for those of us who are total luddites) accessible. Johny's style and approach inspired me to go home and start implementing ideas straight away, and his pragmatic solutions helped me to see how I could leverage what I have already.”

— Robyn McLeod


“Johny has grown up in the technology age and understands where it's going and how business owners need to change to move with it. He's a confident speaker and teacher, and I'd recommend every business owner out there to spend time with him.”

— Laura Humpreys

“Working with Johny was great.. Our work together was fun, focused, and result orientated. Social media and marketing was our entry point. I found it inspirational to work alongside someone whose mind was so clear and focused.”

—Dr Janine Joyce

“I’ve always found Johny incredibly easy to talk to and bounce ideas off. The ideas pile is huge and he’s very perceptive in seeing what’s important to you and you can see what can be set aside. Johny is very quick at grasping the big picture and seeing what’s needed. He’s able to have that vision and use the tools to realise that vision.”

— kim francis

Johny has the unique ability to cut through the jargon and explain/educate in the social media area in such a way that it is both easy to understand and totally engaging. An absolute MUST to attend his seminars as every business who does will benefit.

— Glenys Johnston

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